My approach is to identify and eliminate problems before they impact a client’s real estate transaction.

Buying and selling real estate seems to be an easy commonsense proposition so potential clients often wonder, why do I need a lawyer? What value does a lawyer add?

A knowledgeable lawyer protects you from:

  • Problems with the property you fell in love with
  • Easily overlooked “weasel” clauses in contracts
  • New laws and regulations that came into effect since the last time you bought, leased or sold real estate.

I value client relationships.

I work with clients the way I want others to work with me. I treat each client’s transaction as if it were my own or a transaction for a family member or friend. I keep abreast of trends that will impact clients looking to downsize or in search of additional space. I put the realities of the real estate market into perspective helping my clients manage their expectations.

I understand what is important to my clients and will work with them in the manner they request.

For example, I have found that mature clients want someone who is patient, a hand-holder and willing to work with them without the use of email, texting, etc. Young adults, on the other hand, discourage hand-holding, seek immediate results, and prefer texting to in person meetings.